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Intertec has launched a new range of small GRP Cabinets that provides installers with increased flexibility for protecting outdoor equipment. The new MINICAB housings combine a relatively high containment capacity with convenient pipe stand or wall mounting, and feature a flat full-size hinged door ...

Intertec Instrumentation Pvt Ltd

Due to extensive expertise in engineering, constant innovation and product improvement INTERTEC has become the world’s leading manufacturer in the field of GRP enclosures. More than twenty patens obtained for products and unique solutions attest to INTERTEC’s know-how. Intertec is a leading global company, head quartered out of Germany supplying unique systems designed to provide reliable protection for sensitive field mounted instruments. These include Enclosures as well as Heaters for application in all operating zones. This company has been in existence since 1965 and has supplied 10,000’s of units worldwide for protection of instruments in various environments.
INTERTEC is a supplier of unique systems designed to provide reliable protection of sensitive fieldmounted instrument. INTERTEC was founded in 1965 by Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hess, who recognized the problem of inadequate protection of electronic instruments in the field of engineering. Neglect or failures in instrument protection, however seriously affect the plant safety and the operation of the complete system. Even the operating and maintenance cost can be reduced considerably by providing adequate instrument protection. During the following years a complete system of instrument protection methods and products have been developed and installed. Today, nearly one million INTERTEC protection systems ensure safe operation of instruments, analysers, mobile phone and radar equipment, signalling plants, transmitters and many other installations worldwide.
Manufacturing /Production Facilities
Our production sites in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the U.S.A. have 2 300m² of office buildings, 8 000m² of production plants and 32 000 m² of open space. Marketing, sales, engineering and production are closely intertwined. Our sales engineers on the road as well as our network of representatives, agents and distributors in many countries will ensure customer-oriented service worldwide. The annual turnover of the INTERTEC-Group is approx. 30 Mio Euro per year. Single projects have been handled up to 2 Mio. Euro/each.
Production and designing capacity is as follows :-
  • About: 30 000 Insturment enclosures per year
  • 25 000 Heaters, Thermostats and Controllers
  • About: 2 000 Cabinets and Shelters
  • 5 000 SAFE LINK engineered solutions
And all this has been achieved by the use of following Software Tools:
  • Autodesk-Inventor (CAD)
  • Sage-Bäurer Industrie (ERP)
  • Genesis World (CRM)
Business Activities of INTERTEC
INTERTEC offers a versatile range of solutions designed to protect field instrumentation in chemical and petrochemical plants as well as in other industries. Sensitive and valuable measuring, control and analytical instruments are reliably protected against freezing, excessive heat, corrosion and condensation. Their life and performance are considerably extended.
Products and Services:
  • Instrument Enclosures
  • Heaters, thermostats and controllers (explosion proof)
  • Cabinets and Shelters for analytical equipment and sensitive instruments
  • Integrated Field Instrumentation Points (SAFE LINKS)