Gloves, Knitted Aramid

Gloves, Knitted Aramid

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Accent Industries Ltd manufactures Knitted Aramid Gloves that offer a high dexterity solution for protection against heat and cut. Used in a wide range of applications such as handling sheet metal, glass tubes, and blades, these are fast becoming popular with companies of all sizes. EverestTM Grip a...

Accent Industries Limited (Manufacturer)

Accent Industries Ltd., manufactures, distributes and provides complete hand safety solutions and specialty workwear solutions under its brand, ATLAS PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS®. Our range of hand safety solutions include gloves like cotton seamless knitted gloves, cut-and-sewn gloves, nylon gloves, leather gloves, dipped gloves, Kevlar® gloves, PVC gloves, nitrile gloves, neoprene gloves, latex gloves, high voltage electrical shock resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves, cut resistant gloves, etc. for protection of working hands from various industrial hazards. Our range of specialty workwear solutions include garments like FR cotton shirt and pant, denim jacket, apron, etc. and suits like fire proximity suit, structural fire fighting suit, aluminized suit for radiant heat and molten metal splash protection, arc flash safety suit, fire resistant suit, flame retardant suit, etc. These products are made from inherent flame retardant materials like aramids (like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Twaron®,, etc.) and melamine (like Basofil®), and other items like PFR (Permanently Flame-Retardant Rayon), FR Cotton, etc.