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Liberty Shoes offers Gents Shoes. The shoes are antistatic, antiskid, oil, petrol, alcohol and abrasion resistant and can withstand heat up to 120°C. The shoes are given anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment and the soft chrome leather inner lining absorbs sweat to keep the feet odour-free and c...

Liberty Shoes Ltd

Mr. D P Gupta, Mr. P D Gupta and Mr. R K Bansal gave a concrete shape to the vision and established “Liberty” in the year 1954. Soon the name, “Liberty” became synonymous with quality in the domestic market and this encouraged the company to invest further for enhancing production capacities and to cater to the demand of international markets.

The manufacturing facilities at Liberty are called Humantech Centres, where technology works in perfect tandem with human creativity. The company is equipped with Humantech centers at four locations in Haryana and Uttarakhand.