Gas Handling Equipment

Gas Handling Equipment

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The Gas Handling Equipment includes cylinder, regulator, line regulator, gas supply panel, laboratory outlet point, valve, tube fitting and high-pressure gas sampling bottle. Diffusion resistant gas pressure regulator is designed to meet the demand of high purity corrosion resistance product. The di...

Chemtron Science Laboratories Private Limited

CSL is an ISO 9001 Certified Company with over 16 years of experience in calibration gas and analytical instrumentation industry, with a state of the art production techniques, equipments and team of highly qualified professionals. Specialty Gas Handling Equipment like gas leak detection equipment and gas leak detection system enables CSL to provide you with a complete solution for all your analytical problems.

CSL serves more than 500 customers from various industries like Refineries, Petrochemicals, Cement, Health Care, Power and Gas, Research Institutes Defence and Space Research (all over India) and is also exporting its products to overseas. It has Offices in Baroda, Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai, Pune & Hyderabad.