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Minicon Thermal Systems offers Gas Control Systems. Range of Dungs gas controls - isolation valves and gas filters; gas pressure regulators, ratio regulators, safety release and safety shut Off valves; automatic burner controls; solenoid valves, multi-bloc valves, motorised valves, and servomotors; ...

Minicon Thermal Systems

Minicon Thermal Systems was established in the year 1997 to cater to the needs of clients in India for providing quality spares, accessories and controls for industrial oil and gas burner systems. Minicon Thermal Systems are the Authorized Distributors in India for Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. Karl Dungs GmbH, is a widely accepted name for quality combustion control products and are used worldwide.

Minicon Thermal Systems are authorized distributors for M/s. Karl DUNGS GmbH & Co., Germany in India. M/s. Karl DUNGS GmbH are one of the largest manufacturer of Gas Controls in Europe with a world wide sales network. Engineers with good experience in the supply of combustion systems and components and with the assistance from Karl DUNGS.