Cooling Towers, Square/Rectangular Shape

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Coron Cooling Towers Pvt Ltd offers Cooling Towers in square/rectangular shape. The company designs and manufactures cooling towers made of FRP, wooden and natural draft for almost a decade. During this period it has established a reputation as a credible professional cooling tower supplier for the ...

Coron Cooling Towers Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

CORON is a global leader providing full-line, full-service cooling towers. CORON designs, manufactures and distributes cooling towers globally in the power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial, refrigeration and HVAC markets. The growth of our business has been spurred by the growth of the economies and the need for reliable, quality products in accordance with CTI standards. Our products confirm to international standard that ensures reliability, better efficiency, flawless performance and durability. We constantly follow a strict quality policy to sustain our commitment to maintain superior quality.