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Fluteless Taps

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Kalra Tools offers Fluteless Taps. Fluteless taps offered with TIN coating, TIALN coating and Futura coating. Tap with quality material from M-2 as standard to M-35 HSS-E (5 % cobalt) to m- 42 HSS-E + (8 % cobalt) to suite the need of the client....

Kalra Tools

R.S. Kalra, the founder of Kalra Tools, has given his elaborate expertise in the line of cutting tool technology for 25 years in United Kingdom.

His major contribution was in the development of In-Roll Taps. Thereafter, came to india with a patriotic spirit in his heart to serve the motherland and established Kalra Tools.

Kalra Tools being pioneers in 'In-Roll Taps' for last two decades in india, have successfully acclaimed major Corporate Houses as their clientele.