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Cristal offers switches of paddle/vane type (Model: CFS-250). Paddle/vane types are recommended for higher line sizes and flow ranges. Flow Switches are tested for maximum pressure of 10 bar and suitable for temperature up to 200°C. Process connection for Paddle type is 1" BSP (M) std.

Cristal Instruments

Cristal Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers and supplieres of various process control instruments catering to reputed organizations all over india over two decades.

The company very much eager to associate with your esteemed organization for supply of items like:
  • Magnetic level Switches - Side mounted, Top mounted & External Cage types .
  • Magnetic Level Indicators, Electronic Digital Level Indicatrs / Transmitters.
  • Flot & Board type Level Indicator.
  • Level Gauges - Tubular, Reflex, Transparent, Welded Pad types.
  • Sight Glassses - Dual Windows & Full - View types.
  • Manometers - Single Limb, U-tube & inclined types.
  • Flow Switches.
  • Rotameters
  • Cable Flot Level Switch etc.