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Flexible Connectors

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Torsion Engineering manufactures high flexible air-cooled copper flexible connectors by braided tapes with bare, tin or silver coated copper wires diameter of 0.07/ 0.10 mm. Standard flexible are non insulated but on request it is possible to deliver the connectors with insulation tubes. Standard le...

Torsion Engineering Private Limited (Manufacturer)

Established in the year 1990 Torsion Industries manufactures customised Copper & Aluminium flexible connectors, Copper braid, Copper shunt, Air cooled cable, HV & EHV connector, Copper Stranded & Braided wire rope, High voltage power connector, Switchyard & Substation connector, Electrical power connectors, Highly flexible Copper Braided connectors, Earthing tapes, Flexible Laminated Connectors, CUPAL- Copper Aluminium Bimetals and Clad metals etc typically used in jointing electrical equipments and, Electrical distribution systems like Control panels, Bus ducts, Electrical plug in busways, Transformers, Isolators & Switchgears, Oil & Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Generators and various applications in Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems. Torsion is now established in accordance to the aims of the company and its expansion policies. Secret of Torsion’s success lies in Fast response time, On time deliveries, low cost, consistent and aggressive marketing setup, superior quality, custom designs with technical sales support, being a regular feature.