Flame Arrester

Flame Arrester

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Pressure & Flow Control Industries offers a Flame Arrester. There are several reasons for using a flame arrester. Many processes involve storage and transportation of potentially flammable or explosive gases through varying length of pipes. Where there is potential of ignition, suitable measure need...

Pressure and Flow Control Industries

M/S Pressure And Flow Control Industries established in 1975 Baroda Gujarat, India. PRE'CON name has been synonymous with excellence since then. Pre’con is leader in development and manufacturing of safety and environmental vapour Control products.

Over 35 years experience of supplying tank mounting safety equipments to Oil and Gas, Refinery, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Chemical etc. markets, PRE'CON continues to be one of the premier choices in today’s rapidly changing market place.

PRE'CON has developed and customized various products like Flame Arrester, Pressure vacuum relief valve, Emergency pressure relief vent valve, Gauge hatch, Basket strainers, Silica gel Moisture Breather, Liquid seal valve , Slot Dipping Device etc, for specific application in various industries.