Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire Extinguishing Ball

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"Stop Fire" Fire Extinguishing Ball is a ball shaped fire extinguisher. Simply thrown into a fire, it will activate within 3-5 seconds and effectively disperse fire -extinguishing chemicals. When a fire occurs and no one is present, fire extinguishing ball will self-activate when it comes into conta...

Technical Specifications

  • Shape of the Device : Spherical Shape
  • Weight of the Ball : 1.3 Kg
  • Covering an Area : upto 4 square meter upon activation
  • Main Chemical used : Mono Ammonium Phosphate
  • Outside film : PVC / PVE
  • Foam : Pen foam - recyclable - contain no CFC and HCFCS, Environment Friendly
  • Fire + Breaker : In rubber tube of Fire Extinguisher Ball
  • Activation Time : 3-5 Seconds of exposure from flames
  • Extinguish Class : A, B and C Fires

Modi International

Modi International was established in 2009 with the Marketing of product called “Fire Ball” in many states of India.