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Chetan Agro Industries offers Filter Press. Filter Press is used for all kind of filtration, clarification of liquids and collection of precipitates or solids. The liquid to be filtered is pumped into the press and passing through the central hole, fills up all the chambers. The only outlet for the ...

Chetan Agro Industries

Chetan Agro Industries is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Oil mill machinery and its related products from India specialized in manufacturing all types of Oil Expeller, Filter press, Baby Boilers, Decorticators and other Agro machinery products. The company started with a vision to offer premium quality products through a proficient team, superior services and on-schedule delivery. To maintain competitive edge in the domestic markets, the company has constantly been upgrading technology and research and development department has been coming out with innovations and new solutions to address clients' requirement.

The company for the last 30 years has been in the field of Oil extraction machinery. Situated in Rajkot (GUJ) INDIA, with highly skilled technical experts the company has put an effort to meet the quality of Oil Mill Machinery as per high quality Standards. Oil mill machinery is design and developed by experienced and qualified engineers of Chetan Agro Industries to work soundless and to give more output with extra percentage to oil from any type of oil seeds.