Fibreglass centrifugal fans and exhausters

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Motive Powers Inc manufactures fibreglass centrifugal fans and exhausters useful for fume handling processes. The fans are used along with fibreglass scrubbers. Impellers are completely moulded out of resin and body is made from fibreglass. Direct-driven fans (impeller mounted on motor shaft) and be...

Motive Powers Inc

Motive Powers Inc. protects the nature from the pollution. They consider themselves as the protectors of mother nature from the wild industrial growth in this world. They are designers, consultants, manufacturers and solution providers to all your needs of Pollution Control Equipment, Systems and Accessories for all types of industries.

Motive Powers Inc.have developed various diversified pollution control and other related equipment and systems for schemes where there was a void (no practical solution was foreseen by the concerned people). Auto-parts cleaning system operated by hydraulic power - This system is used for auto and other continuous production items for degreasing and drying before treatment.