Emergency Phone, Commando

Emergency Phone, Commando

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The Commando Elephone is specially made for elevator (lift) as an emergency phone. The Commando activates with a single press of the remote push button, which initiates automatic dialling to both hand unit installed at different places. The hands-free communication system will transmit the caller...

Technical Specifications

  • Input Supply – 230 V, 50 Hz to connected to main unit
  • Power Consumption – 12 VA
  • Power Backup – 10 Ni-Cad Cells, 1.2 V @ 600 mA
  • Telephone – Analog, Special Phone Designed to Use its Own Master
  • Hand Unit – 90 x 232 x 85 mm height
  • Main Unit – 95 x 235 x 80 mm; and
  • Cabin Mic/Push Button Assembly – 50 x 78 x 45 mm

Technic Electronic Corporation (Manufacturer)

The company is established in 1978 as Deepak Pattern works, and Signetic Systems. And later in 1992 merged in to Deepak Instruments & Technic Electronic Corporation. Company is directed by a team of well knowledge electronic engineers and industrialist. Even though the company is not registered with ISO-9000, following all type of procedures according to international Quality standards. We posses 100% testing of all components delivered to our customers and keep records of the same for future reference. 100% components have Trace-ability Numbers marked on it for future reference