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Jeltron offers Elevator Controllers. Trapped passengers in an elevator in case of a power outage are rescued by the ARD. In the event of a power failure during normal operation, an elevator may stop in between floors. The electronically operated ARD senses the position of the car struck in between f...

Jeltron Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

In 1992, Jeltron systems was established to provide custom services for Industrial Automation as well as manufacturing Electronic Soft Starters, SCR Power controllers and Electronic Brakes. In 1996, with the liberalization of the Indian economy we introduced Toshiba AC Variable Frequency Drives in Indian market with an authorised service center established at Hyderabad.

Jeltron has supported more than 900 customers in India. Company digital Soft Starters are used by major industries in cement, Paper, Power, Textile and other industries. Analog as well as digital SCR Power Controllers are used by furnace manufacturers like Hind High vacuum, Hightemp etc.