Electric Wire Rope Flameproof Hoists

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Consolidated Hoists Pvt Ltd. offers Electric Wire Rope Flameproof Hoists.

Many plants work with materials whose air/gas mixtures are liable to explode with proximity to equipment prone to sparking. Such explosions endanger the live and health of persons and cause material damage. To minimis...

Consolidated Hoists Pvt Ltd

Consolidated Hoists Private Limited, was incorporated on June 14, 1966 to manufacture and sell SWIFT Hoists and Cranes. The hoists were manufactured as per the design of SWF Germany, with whom Consolidated Hoists Pvt., Ltd., had a technical collaboration. The actual production of the hoists was started in Pune in 1969. However, due to government policies at that time, the technical collaboration agreement with SWF could not be extended beyond ten years. Over the last 25 years, Consolidated Hoists Pvt., Ltd., has increased its product range with in-house indigenous development and designs. It manufacture Electric Wire Rope Hoists ranging from 0.5 Ton capacity to 20 Ton capacity at our Pune works, under the brand name SWIFT. The Pune works is well equipped with machine shop and testing facilities.