Electric Chain Hoist, New

Electric Chain Hoist, New

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Hafa Hoists has introduced a new Electric Chain Hoist – a new streamlined, compact electric chain hoist of 125 kg and 250 kg capacity. The company is a well known hoists and cranes manufacturer, with more than 24 years experience in wire rope hoists and cranes manufacturing. These are the only ele...

Hafa Hoists Private Limited

As a leading manufacturer of Electric Wire Rope Hoists & Cranes, Hafa partners the industry in providing material handling solutions that offer value and effectiveness to businesses worldwide. At HAFA, Dynamic engineers backed by 30 years of direct experience in Design, Manufacture, Quality Control, and Research & Development of Electric Wire Rope Hoists, E.O.T. Cranes and other Material Handling equipments make sure that they guide you in making a sound purchase decision.

Electric Wire Rope hoists and Cranes manufactured by HAFA incorporate features such as the conical rotor motor and 100% failsafe electromechanical conical disc type brake which is one of the most unique and salient features of Hafa Hoists.