Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Systems

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Flow Tech Power offers Drip Irrigation Systems. Precise and regulated application of irrigated water and plant nutrients at low pressure and frequent intervals through drippers emitted directly onto the root zone of plant with the help of close network of pipes. Advantages: Improves quality and e...

Flow Tech Power

Flow Tech focuses on adaptability to different agricultural practices in the most efficient way. It has the maximum number of 7 licenses in the field of irrigation in South India, issued by the BIS. The company has earned accoladesin manufacturing and providing drip irrigation systems, mist irrigation systems, HDPE pipes and PVC pipes. PVC pipes are also used for water harvesting. Ultimate customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. Products help conserve water by curtailing evaporation and enhancing deep percolation and thereby increasing the crop production. Company Flotech was established in the year 1985 to meet the irrigation needs of farmers.It has carved a niche for itself in the field of irrigation to provide the best solutions for the farmer and environment. Flowtech - derived from the words flowing technology was started with aim of providing reliable and economical solutions for irrigation.