Down-Stroke Hydraulic Presses

Down-Stroke Hydraulic Presses

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  • KRA Series

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Presswel Industries offer KRA Series of Down-Stroke Hydraulic Presses. A unique design of prefiller system makes these presses very fast in operation and can be used for mass production of sheet metal components, FRP moulding, industrial and commercial laminates, clutch facing and brake lining and l...

Presswel Industries (Manufacturer)

Presswel Industries is a leading manufacturers of Veera brand machines engaged in this bussiness since 1967. The company manufacturers a very wide range of hydraulically operated machines which mainly include Hydraulic Presses,Metal forming, Injection Moulding machine & Pressure die casting machines.

Range includes machines from 6 tons to 2000 tons. Normal range covers machines mainly for Plastic & Rubber moulding which includes Compression moulding, Transfer moulding and Injection moulding for metals forming. Presswel has developed & grown to be one of the largest & leading mfr. of hydraulic & other machinery and also the most reputed & fastest growing company in India.