Double Crank Power Presses

Double Crank Power Presses

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  • SDC Series

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Singhal Power Presses Pvt Ltd offers straight-sided Double Crank Power Presses, SDC Series. Singhal Power Presses Pvt Ltd (SEW), specialised in power presses of various types, is very well equipped with the latest infrastructure and equipment, well-qualified skilled intellectual capital to support t...

Singhal Power Presses Pvt. Ltd. (Manufacturer)

Singhal Power Presses was started in 1960 on a modest scale at Aligarh, and is known today amongst the best known manufacturers of sheet metal machines. The plant was shifted in 1990 to Rajkot (Gujarat), where an ultra modern factory was built with all modern machines and facilities installed. Products marketed under the brand of 'SEW', are in operation in every sector of industry and with over 10,000 machines working satisfactorily, is today a major name to reckon with. Machines are regularly exported to various countries.