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Allied Solutions offers the DGM Gravix Gravimetric Dosing series developed by Moretto, which ensures precision levels with no equal even in presence of high vibrations and in the heaviest uses. With this range of products Moretto offers the smallest 6-component dosing unit in the market and the bigg...

Allied Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd

Allied Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally Managed Marketing Organization established in 1995, catering to the needs of the Plastic Processing Industry in India and neighboring countries.
  • ASIPL aims at aligning with reputed manufacturers of Plastic Processing Machinery & Technology.
  • ASIPL would market these products with value addition.
  • Specification selling and end-user selling would create a great market value.
  • Focused Customer service, including Technical Backup would enable ASIPL to create a niche in the market. This would greatly accelerate visibility & ensure a large market share for our Principals.