Displacer Type Level Switches

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D K Instruments offers Displacer Type Level Switches. All controls have been designed using modular concept. Standard assemblies may be incorporated in a wide variety of arrangements to meet virtually any control application and allowing maximum interchangeability of assemblies. The basic operation ...

D K Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

D. K. Instruments Pvt. Ltd., pioneer with Reed Switch concept will differentiate itself from other instrument manufacturers by providing the highest level of expertise to the customers. The process instrumentation that they suggest will be the best possible solution for your application.

Quality, service and delivery are the foundation of DK’s service to the process industry since incorporation. Quality means reliability. It means designing, developing and manufacturing the safest, most robust level, pressure, flow and electrical instruments available. Instruments that precisely fulfill the specifications. Instruments that meet or exceed the highest standards of certification, from raw material through delivery of finished product.