Direct Vision Spectroscope

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Direct Vision Spectroscope allows the direct reading of spectral length and employs a prism for dispersion. It is also useful for flame test of basic radicals like sodium, strontium, potassium, copper, etc. There is a single eyepiece and independent focusing tube for the graticule, which carries an ...

Creuzet International (Manufacturer)

CREUZET INTERNATIONAL an ISO 9001:2000 company has come out as a leading Indian manufacturers of reliable quality and competitively priced Scientific Instruments catering to various industries all over India and Abroad. Over the years, the company has built up its reputation by dint of hard work and skill of its engineers, technicians and workers. Each one of them has the technical capabilities and expertise to assist the customers in defining long term and short term laboratory needs. The company's purpose is to provide the best in sensors and instrumentation to the scientific and industrial communities with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and support. The considerable practical experience gained by them is easily accessible to customers because all sales inquiries and technical advice are handled by senior staff members, who have a sound technical background.