Digital C MOS Controlle

Digital C MOS Controlle

Model ID

  • Seamer-45

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Product Profile

Model Seamer-45 is a digital C-MOS controller for welding applications and to control single phase seam welding machines.


Technical Specifications

  • Sel Range – 0-24 Time Cycle for sqz, 0-9 Weld Cycle, 0-9 Cool Cycle, 0-24 Time Cycles for Hold
  • Time Selectable Through Push Wheel Switch/Potentiometer
  • Front Controls – Control On/Off Switch, Control On Indicator, Weld/No Weld Switch, LED Indication for + Half and -Half Cycle Thyristor Trigger Signal, sqz, Weld Hold Cycle and Overload (Thermal) Indication
  • Heat Control Potentiometer 10% to 100% on Calibrated Scale
  • Rear Side I/O Connections – Inputs – Control/Safety Inputs, Foot Switch Inputs and Line Voltage Input at 110 V AC @ 50 Hz ±10% Through Control Transformer
  • Set Index Loop Timer Through Potentiometer (Optional for Time Based Latch) – Time for Loop-Index
  • It is Available in Sec Range 0.1-9 Sec Based on r-c Time Constant
  • Outputs – Weld Valve (110 V AC) and Gate Cathode Signal o/p for Thyristor Firing
  • Size – 300 x 196 x 96 mm Wall Mounting