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Romax offers Designer Software is a virtual product development and simulation environment for the design, analysis & NVH exploration of the complete transmission - gearboxes, bearings, drivetrains and all components. Using this advanced software product, design and optimisation processes that previ...

Romax Solutions Private Limited

Romax is the world's leading provider of advanced simulation technologies, design expertise and consulting services for gearbox and driveline systems - wherever mechanical power is transmitted through rotating shafts, gears and bearing systems, we provide customers with innovative technology and solutions to optimize their products for performance, robustness, durability, and through-life costs.

Innovation is at the very core of Romax and has been the foundation of our success and of the benefits that we deliver to customers. With a heritage of over twenty years, we provide class-leading advanced simulation software and consulting services on a world-wide basis from our network of offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

The Romax brand is synonymous with quality and technical innovation across a range of global industries. In the automotive sector our customers include the transmission and driveline engineering teams from 14 of the world's top 15 global automakers, and we have a strong reputation in the commercial vehicle, off-highway and rail industries. In the rapidly growing wind energy sector - in which gearbox and driveline performance, efficiency, reliability and robustness are key - the RomaxWind product and our associated consulting services are widely accepted as setting the industry benchmark.

Applying advanced simulation technology and innovation to produce highly optimized designs for gearbox and driveline systems of all types and applications is the core of what we do. Already a trusted partner to leading vehicle and industrial equipment brands throughout the world, Romax can help improve the quality and performance of your company's products, profitability, and the satisfaction of its customers.