DC To DC Converter

DC To DC Converter

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Chhabi Electricals Private Limited offers DC To DC Converter. DC/DC converters are designed to convert the voltage from DC power source to the single/multiple output voltages required by load devices with Galvanic Isolation and Dynamic correction. DC/DC converters are used in 220 V /110 V battery...

Chhabi Electricals Private Limited

It was in 1965, that our visionary chairman, Madhusudan O.Rane established Chhabi Electrical's, at Mumbai, Maharashtra . Aim was to operate in the field of capital industrial and electrical equipments.

The initial production program included Phase preventors, L T distribution transformers, plating rectifiers, battery chargers, and Automatic voltage stabilizers. In next two decades, Chhabi proactively witnessed and participated in India's leap growth in the power and telecom sector via a good demand for its Rectifiers (battery chargers).