Data Matrix Reader, Datamouse Pro

Data Matrix Reader, Datamouse Pro

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Marks Pryor Marking Technology Pvt Ltd offers a Data Matrix Reader, Datamouse Pro. The powerful Direct Part Mark (DPM) Data Matrix Reader in a cost effective package. The Datamouse Pro has been developed specifically to read the toughest data matrix DPMs. The Datamouse ‘on contact’ approach bloc...

Marks Pryor Marking Technology Private Limited

Marks was founded in 1998 with focus on three major factors viz; Customers, HR and Technology by means of providing total solution in the field of metal indentation marking arena.

The business policy of Marks Pryor Marking Technology Pvt. Ltd. is :
  • Create superior benefits to Customers through technological innovation.
  • Enhance Customer loyalty through a unique Business Model.
  • Qualitative utilization of profits.
  • Provide platform for its Employees with an excellent environment to learn, grow and prosper.
  • Provide the most reliable products at the best price supported by 24 hours service.