Coolant Pump, High Discharge Type

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  • RK 200 Series to RK 1000 Series

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Rajamane Industries introduce high discharge coolant pumps in RK 200 to RK 1000 Series. These are available in 5 different models for up to 1000 LPM discharge capacity. The special construction immersion and top outlet enables easy installation, maintenance and compactness. These pumps are particula...

Rajamane Industries Private Limited (Manufacturer)

Rajamane established in the Year 1972, by Mr S.K.Rajamane a design Engineer, is one of the leading coolant pump manufacturing unit in India.Ours is a closely held private limited situated in the garden city Bangalore.This city houses some of the major Indian Machine tool , Aeronautical , Electrical , Electronic and computer Industry.Bangalore is also the center for many R&D institutions.