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Sriram Cables offers Control Cables. These are of graded copper conductor with cross section 1.5/2.5 and are provided with PVC insulation. These cables are generally armoured with GI wires and hence can withstand rough installations and operation conditions. These are used for remote control o...

Sriram Cables Pvt. Ltd.

In 1978, it was the beginning of a new era in the Indian cable industry, when 'Sriram Cables' was founded. With a pragmatic vision and hardwork, the company rose to meteoric heights and created an enviable niche for itself in the Indian Cable Industry. The company is committed to excellence in design and manufacturing of cables through the adaption of modern technology, optimization of processes, continuous education and pragmatic approach.

Sriram Cables has a highly talented team of 400 experts, comprising of Managers, Technicians, Engineers and other Professionals who endeavor to ensure utmost client satisfaction, and with their relentless efforts, the company has achieved a remarkable group turnover of Rs 2000 million. Quality is religiously maintained throughout the production process. It is meticulously achieved through systems and procedures designed to concur with the ISO 9001 Quality Standards. The company always endeavors to exceed the National and International Standards for quality and performance. Sriram Cables has built up a culture of continual improvement of products, processes and resources. It regularly trains its employees on various quality practices like TQM, Six Sigma etc.