Commutator Soldering Unit

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Superb Products offers Commutator Soldering Unit. In this soldering system rotor is placed on the machine and solder is pumped all around the commutator for pre-determined time. At the end of cycle, the solder recedes and the rotor can be taken off the machine. It is observed that soldering of co...

Superb Products

Superb Products was established in 1968. It started with manufacturing of soldering irons and solder pots. It also started manufacturing of low voltage transformers required for their soldering irons and pots. Slowly this developed in to manufacture of soldering equipments used in engineering industry. Our Soldering products and processes is under constant development and change to suite customer requirement. We also design and manufacture soldering systems for automation in soldering process that imparts consistency in soldering and increase in through put. We have done several such SPMs in Auto, Motor and Wire Harness industry.