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Electropneumatics & Hydraulics offers a CNC Wire Bending Machine. This machine is capable of making components with zigzag bends, multi-plane bends, curvature bends and helix bends in wires. It is a fully automated machine with a wire decoiler, roller straightener and feeding unit, rotary bending he...

Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (India) Pvt Ltd

Electropneumatics was established in 1972 by Mr. Antony Rasquinha, Chairman & Managing Director, with a team of five persons. It operates from Pune, India where the main manufacturing plant is located, spread over a land area of 62,000 sq. m. of which 15,000 sq. m. is built-up area. The Sales and Service Centers are spread across India. Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (India) Pvt. Ltd. started by developing and manufacturing pneumatic valves, as substitute to expensive imported ones. From this humble beginning, the company gradually climbed the ladder of innovation by introducing many indigenous products such as pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic presses and machine tools, proportional/servo technology and PLC/CNC systems, tube bending machines, honing machines, compacting presses, industrial robots, special purpose machines, hydroforming, servo mechanical presses, etc. Many of these machines have been ‘first-of-its-kind’ in India.