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Bearing mounted clutches are shaft driven, ie. Torque can be transmitted from the active prime mover to the driven load. They are single plate dry operational. Their coil operating voltage is 24 V/100 V/200 V DC and torque 8 Nm to 500 Nm.


Electromatic Engineers Private Limited

UNITORQ group has positioned itself at the foremost of innovation, design, development & manufacturing of industrial clutches, brakes and combinations to various segments of domestic and overseas industries

UNITORQ group has three states of art manufacturing plants at Udaipur, best known as city of lakes, in Rajasthan, India. With total plant area of 5000 m², we are exporting our products to over 16 countries, including USA,U.K,Germany, Italy,Brazil,Belgium, Turkey, Iran, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, Kuwait, UAE, and many more.

Our technical expertise includes, design and manufacturing of clutches & brakes for the use in Nevy Deck Machinery to highly sophisticated Rocket Launchers and any thing in between.We are sure to design, develop and manufacture right clutch or brake from simple to complex applications