Chain Sprocket Hobs

Chain Sprocket Hobs

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Capital Tool Industries offers a range of Chain Sprocket Hobs. Chain sprocket hobs are usually supplied in unground form to cut roller chain sprockets to DIN, American standards with the range from 1/4 " to 3" pitch or 5 mm to 76.2 mm pitch. Multi start and ground form sprocket hobs can be had on re...

Capital Tool Industries

CTI is a long established company producing quality Gear Cutting Tools since 1966. We specialize in the manufacture of Gear Hob, Worm Gear Hob, Involute Gear Cutter, Gear shaper Cutter, Gear Shaving Cutter, Master Gear & all types of Milling Cutter.

Gear cutting tool design and production requires much specialized knowledge, which has been acquired and refined over generations. Computer aided design/manufacture allows rapid assessment of individual cutting requirements and ideal optimization of all variables for maximum cutter effectiveness.