Ceramic Insulators Custom Made

Ceramic Insulators Custom Made

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Ceramic insulators for custom-made are resistors tubes, resistor formers, mosquito repellant equipment housing & wick rods, power connectors etc. These are made to customer specification, drawings / samples, application details, working temperature information and the quantity required each item....

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Certified ISO 9001-2000 products.

Mangalam Industrial Products (Manufacturer)

Mangalam Industrial Products was established by Mr. Yashwant Upadhyay in the year 1988 as a trading company dealing in Electronic components like Wire Wound Resistors, Electrolytic capacitors, Thick film Metal Oxide resistors, LED indicating modules, Wire Wound Potentiometers, High Alumina Ceramic textile thread guides, Pump seal faces and Electrical / Thermal application insulating components.