Centrifugal Clutch Pulleys

Centrifugal Clutch Pulleys

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Brown & Company offers a range of Centrifugal Clutch Pulleys. These are used in textile and jute mill machinery such as speed frames, ring frames, carding drums, draw frames, knitting machine, weaving looms and twister machine, sugar mill machinery, conveyors and chemical process machinery. The cent...

Brown & Company

Brown & Company is among the leading manufacturers of various types of carding machine parts, textile machine parts, carding machine spares, apro doffing devices, motor drive system, clutch pulley, high speed coiler spares, centrifugal clutch pulley, high speed coiler and planetary coiler spares. We buy old carding machine of any make and renovating them into high speed machines by putting our conversion kits. We are also dealers for Metallic Card Clothing for Cylinder, Doffer, Lickerin, Flat Tops, Fillets, Opening Roller Wire, Wire for 'C' Cleaner, Beater wire and all types of Card Clothing and Fillets.