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Cable Trays

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Extreme Automation Pvt Ltd offers a range of Cable Trays. Extreme make cable trays are made of materials like MS, SS, FRR GL, aluminium hot dip galvanised, etc., and of different construction types like ladder, perforated, punched fabricated trays and customised cable race ways. He company can suppl...

Extreme Automation Private Limited

Extreme Automation Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer’s and suppliers of all types and various capacities of Gear’s worm & worm wheels, Rack & Pinion sprockets etc. Gears are being manufactured under the strict supervision of highly qualified technical experts, having vast experience in this field. This gears are in general confirming to the relevant Indian standard’s specification. The main market is industrial equipments & Aqro equipments in india & whenever the gears are supplied with the entire satisfaction of all the consigners. In their factory every types of imported & indian machinaries are established & every parts with regarding gears is manufactured.