Busducts, Isolated Phase

Busducts, Isolated Phase

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KGS Engineering Ltd offers isolated phase Busduct.

Construction: conforming to IEC and Indian standards; each phase conductor is housed in a separate circular enclosure; enclosure material – aluminium alloy; conductor material – aluminium alloy; insulator materials – epoxy/porcelain; c...

KGS Engineering Ltd (Manufacturer)

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of LT Busducts and HT Busducts upto 33 kV (36 KV insulated level) and current rating upto 5000A. These Busducts are available in both segregated phase and non-segregated phase construction. These are manufactured using latest technology. Our designs conform to requirements of IS 8084 for Busducts in excess of 1100V and IS 8623 Part II for Busducts upto 1100 volts. We have recently introduced Isolated Phase busduct (IPB) and Sandwich busduct to our existing range of products.