Brake Drum Couplings

Brake Drum Couplings

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Pethe Industrial Marketing Company Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Brake Drum Couplings in India. The company is also a manufacturer and supplier of pin bush couplings, geared brake drum couplings and half and full gear couplings. Salient features: the brake drum coupling is used to connect the...

Pethe Industrial Marketing Co Private Limited

Incepted in 1981 Pethe Industrial Marketing Company Pvt Ltd caters to manufacturing of products like electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic clutches, flame proof brakes, brake motors, clutch brake combination, electro hydraulic thruster brakes, electro magnetic shoe type brakes, brake drum coupling and geared coupling, fluid coupling, crane controls and equipments, master controller, crane limit switches, SS punched grid resistance box, torque limiter, free-wheel/one-way clutch.