Battery Dischargers

Battery Dischargers

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Chhabi Electricals Private Limited offers Battery Dischargers. Completely powered by the batteries, this discharger is designed to operate with various battery systems and is extremely cost effective. It is completely powered by the batteries under test, i.e. no mains supply is required. Therefor...

Chhabi Electricals Private Limited

It was in 1965, that our visionary chairman, Madhusudan O.Rane established Chhabi Electrical's, at Mumbai, Maharashtra . Aim was to operate in the field of capital industrial and electrical equipments.

The initial production program included Phase preventors, L T distribution transformers, plating rectifiers, battery chargers, and Automatic voltage stabilizers. In next two decades, Chhabi proactively witnessed and participated in India's leap growth in the power and telecom sector via a good demand for its Rectifiers (battery chargers).