Auto Tuned Pid Controllers

Auto Tuned Pid Controllers

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  • Fy Series

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Devanshi Electronics offers auto tuned PID controllers (microprocessor based), FY series. Features: multi-range input (T/C, RTD, mV, mA), each with 14 bit resolution; accuracy – ±0.2% FSD; two fuzzy PID control processes, having two individual outputs; three alarm points, with 17 alarms modes; no...

Devanshi EIectronics Pvt Ltd

DEVANSHI is a leading international (solution) provider of process control equipment and systems, contribute to quality improvement and cost efficiency in industrial automation. DEVANSHI is an emblem & replica of ‘leader in microprocessor based solution provider’.

DEVANSHI is impending organization commenced on 1989. It caters the needs of furnaces, r & d laboratories, pharmaceutical, textile, plastic, packaging, chemical, rubber industries.

Product development, manufacturing, quality assessment, testing of process control equipments are core element in the scope of DEVANSHI. We also offer our best service for customer training, product retrofitting, servicing and calibration in the scope.

With apex of providing economical & innovative quality solutions, the efforts, the knowledge, and the proficiency DEVANSHI has brought result in front of you that is possible due to customer confidence in DEVANSHI. The credit of this success goes to our esteem customer & our associates.