Auto Rolling Door (Heavy-Duty)

Auto Rolling Door (Heavy-Duty)

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Computer Centre, a supplier of gate automation and security solutions offers a heavy-duty Auto Rolling Door. Within a short period Computer Centre (Smartpower) has established its brand name Smartpower and grown into one of the leading power protection and PC peripherals manufacturers in eastern Ind...

Computer Centre (Smartpower) (Manufacturer)

Computer Center was established in August 1992, with only 3 people and working capital of 50 USD. Within a short period, it established its brand name Smartpower, and has grown to be one of the leading Power Protection and PC peripheral manufacturers in Eastern India. In 2006, the company diversified to manufacture entrance automation and security solutions. The company has won PC Quest-Compass 97 Best OEM Presentation award on 4th September, Calcutta. In August 2005, Smartpower set up a manufacturing base in China under ISO 9000 guidelines. The ISO 9000 standard factories helped Smartpower to supply UPS units to other OEMs in their own brand names. In 2006, keeping in mind the growing need of entrance automation products like Auto Rolling Door, Sliding Gate, Swing Gate, Boom Barrier, Smartpower launched these products in India.