Angular Soft Foot Shims

Angular Soft Foot Shims

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Tribotech offers Angular Soft Foot Shims that solve angular soft foot alignment problems on motors, pumps, generators, turbines and other plant machinery in minutes.


Tribotech India

Tribotech establish in 1995 is one of the leading distributor for maintenance products for trouble free operation in today's demanding industry. We represent world known companies like, Damalini Ab, EasyLaser based measurement and alignment system, VMI Ab, Vibration products and Route instrument, H&K – Belt tensioner and leak detector, Prisma Teknik crank shaft deflection and ovality kit, JOSAM wheel alignment, frame straightening and cab equipment for heavy equipment. Simatec lubricating, fitting and dismantling and Compact speed measurement, stethoscope, stroboscope,etc.