Two Tube Anaesthesia Flowmeter

Two Tube Anaesthesia Flowmeter

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Two-Tube Anaesthesia Flowmeter consists of housing and a set of calibration glass tube with bobbin float. Calibration tube can be provided in a combinations of (O2+N2O) or customers requirement. The flow control is obtained by needle valves which can be easily distinguished from one another by touch...

S D Process Equipments (Manufacturer)

SD Process Equipments is a leading Indian manufacturer specialized Flowmeter/Rotameter taper glass tube for the industrial, laboratory and research market sectors. Highly specialized in-house resources underpin the production of flow meters, anesthesia tubes, precision bore tubing and special glass apparatus. SDPE is in a unique position to offer a range of highly specialized and skilled services under one roof to provide industry with precision glass components. SDPE complete control over quality and tolerances at all stages and means the customers can be sure that their components are produced efficiently, competitively and to the highest standards. Scientific glassblowers can produce industrial and research glassblowing products to the highest standard.