Aluminium Base Metal Clad PCBs ( MCPCB )

Aluminium Base Metal Clad PCBs ( MCPCB )

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Buljin Elmec Pvt. Ltd. offers Aluminium Base Metal Clad PCBs. These Aluminium Base Metal clad PCB's(MC PCB) are used in place of traditional FR4 (or) CEM PCBs, due to the ability of efficient heat dissipation. MC PCBs are used for High power LED lights, solid state Relays, Automotive Ignition module...

Technical Specifications

  • Aluminium - 1.5mm
  • Copper - 35 Microns
  • Dielectric - 100 Microns
  • Finish - OSP
  • Masking – White/Black
  • Legend – White/Black

Buljin Elmec Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Buljin Elmec Private Limited was started in the year 1985, by late Sri. P. K. Venkataraman. The Company was inaugurated under the gracious presence of Dr. H. V. Hande, Former Health Minister, Government of Tamil Nadu and of Sri. Nagi Reddy of Vahini Studios. We are manufacturer of Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards and Electro-Mechanical Components for defence and later diversified to manufacturing of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards for automotive dash board instrument cluster manufacturing industries. We are using state-of-art technology in Flexible PCB and the only manufacturer in South India.