Air Powered Gear Motors

Air Powered Gear Motors

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Shavo Technologies offers a range of air powered gearmotors. These are available in in line and right angle models. The range covers up to 5200 lb.inch gear ratios from 10:1 to 60:1 single reduction reducers.


Shavo Technologies Private Limited

Since inception almost 25 years ago the Shavo Group of Companies has always been associated with some of the choicest engineering manufacturers in the world. Originally operating as a division of Shavo Norgren India Pvt. Ltd., Shavo Technologies was formed as a separate entity in 1996 representing international companies in variety of sectors.

We now have a team of highly trained engineers, with in-depth application and product knowledge. We have a capability to not only offer solutions but also provide consultancy on various systems. Many of our engineers are internationally trained. We are headquartered in Pune with presence all over India.