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Sagar Air P Ltd. offers a range of Air Distribution and Control Products....

Technical Specifications

  • Grilles : Aluminum Extruded, powder coated, fixed louver Grilles with 00, 150 & 300 deflection¬¨, framed and continuous.
  • Diffusers : Aluminum Extruded, powder coated, Center core removable up to 30" Square & Rectangle.
  • Circular Diffusers : up to 20" dia in MS or Aluminum -powder coated.
  • Collar Dampers : GI Collar Dampers for Grilles and Diffusers.
  • Modulinear Grilles : Aluminum Extruded, powder coated.
  • Curved Grilles : Aluminum Extruded, powder coated Grilles in Concave, Convex and Arch shaped.
  • Duct Dampers : Aluminum Extruded gear operated low leakage dampers.
  • File Dampers : GI, Fusible link or Electric Solenoid operated GI impellers, Aluminum Impellers & Condenser Fan Blades.

Sagar Air P Ltd.

Sagar Air Private Limited as an organization came into existence on 20th October 1987 as a small-scale unit having the necessary resources and know-how. The company has projects division and equipment manufacturing division. All our products are of unique quality, reliability and high performance.