Accessories for Installation of Smoke Detectors

Accessories for Installation of Smoke Detectors

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Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE), manufacturer of the popular Fireray series of wide-area optical beam smoke detectors, has launched a full range of Installation Accessories for use with its fire protection products. The company offers various mounting plates and brackets for the reflector prisms, al...

Fire Fighting Enterprises

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd is the worlds largest independent manufacturer of infrared optical beam smoke detectors, with well over half-a-million beams sold. The products are designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards and have attained product type approval in Europe (EN54, CPD, VdS), US (UL), China (CNTC), France (NF) and Russia (VNIIPO), to name a few. Products offered include end-to-end, reflective, and explosion proof beam detectors, all provided with a comprehensive warranty.

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd (FFE) was acquired by Halma plc in November 2000, as part of its growth plans within the global Fire Protection Market. FFE continues to grow through a combination of high quality product and commitment to its customers.