50,000-Count Multimeters

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  • MX 56

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Matrix Series ASYC II multimeters deliver unparalleled performance and safety features. Models MX54 provide most measurements which are normally needed in production and service applications. The Series ASYC II digital multimeters offers true RMS AC and DC measurements of waveforms. The meters have ...

Scientific Mes-Technik Pvt Ltd

Scientific Mes-Technik Private Limited, established in 1963, manufactures Test & Measuring instruments. The products offered include Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Function Generators, Frequency Counters, Digital Multimeters, LCR Meters, Lab Stations, Lab tools & Accessories and many more. Scientific also distributes a complimentary range of instruments manufactured by renowned companies from Germany, Korea etc. Scientific, successfully and promptly, meets the challenges of changing technology. Our talented and experienced team provides instruments crafted with an eye for perfection. A vertical integration enhances the support offered to its customers’ varied applications. Our customers vouch for the rugged engineering of Scientific products. Products have been successfully tested to stringent Defence Standards JS 55555. Scientific products are known for their best ‘Price-Performance ratio’.