16 Channel Universal Scanner Logger

16 Channel Universal Scanner Logger

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  • CT716U

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Countronics offers 16 Channel Universal Scanner Logger, CT716U....

Technical Specifications

  • Display : 4x20 line 0.3” character height alphanumeric LCD module display
  • Sensor : J/K/R Thermocouples and 3 wire PT100 sensor user selectable
  • Range : J-T/C : 0 to 750?C K-T/C : 0 to 1250?C R-T/C : 0 to 1700?C PT100: -100.0 to +600.0?C 4-20mA: -1999 to 9999 with resolution of 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 and 1
  • Resolution : 1?C for thermocouples and 0.1?C for PT100
  • Channels : Maximum 16
  • Scanning Rate: User settable from 1-99seconds
  • Digital Offset : User settable individually for each channel
  • Logging Rate : 1 second to 99Mins59seconds
  • Data Logging : Directly create a .csv file on the Pen Drive (compatible with Excel) giving a tabular format values of Date, Time and selected channels
  • Real Time Clock: Adjustable Calendar (Month/Date) and Time (Hrs:Mins)
  • Accuracy : ±1?C ± 1 Least Significant Digit for Thermocouples ±0.1?C ± 1 Least Significant Digit for PT100
  • Power Supply : 230V AC ± 15% at 50/60Hz
  • Mounting Type: Panel Type
  • Front Facia : 96mm x 192mm

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