Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Acorn Controls Private Limited

TR600H is battery operated and comes with a portable carry-case including Hand Held instrument with Clamp-on Sensor, battery charger, cables and transducer clamps and is compatible with almost all pipe materials found in industry

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U/S flow meter for metering surveys,for Energy & Water Audit.of liquids in following Raw Water (Pumping stations Water Drawl Metering) Chilled water (HVAC plant efficiency monitoring) Potable water (Water Distribution network Survey) D.M. water (Flow metering without contacting the high purity water) Oils/Organic solvents/Hydrocarbons (Monitor these for energy studies)
Accuracy : Typically< ±1% above 0.5m/s Max ±2%. Linearity : ±0.5% or better Damping : 0-999 seconds, user-settable Velocity : ±0.1 to ±32mtrs/s bi-directional Pipe Sizes : DN -15mm to 3000mm ( with appropriate Transducers) Pipe Material : All metals, most plastics & lined pipe Liquid Types : Virtually all clean liquids and liquids with minor solids (<10,000ppm). Full pipe Liquid Temp. ratings of transducers : 0?C - 70?C for TS2, TM1 , TL1 -30?C to +160?C for TS2H and TM1H Transducers Site Data Repeatedly used Setup values can be memorized for quick set-up Display 4 lines x16 character Back-lit Alphanumeric Computer Interface : RS232C (USB cable with Data Down load utility-Optional as per order) Transducer Cable : Standard 2 x 5m long Power : Internal rechargeable battery. When fully recharged it will last ~ 6 hours of operation. AC Adapter supplied for charging and continuous use. Data Logger : Over 2000 lines of data Weight Hand held unit : ~0.6kg Full Unit with Carry Case : ~6.5kg Transducer options TS2 & TS2H types for 15mm to 100 mm pipes TM1 & TM1H types for 50mm to 700 mm pipe TL1 type for 300 mm to 3000 mm (Please select one or more transducers as per your needs)
Choice of Three Transducers TS2= 15 mm to 100 mm TM1= 50 mm to 700 mm TL1= 300 mm to 3000 mm Choice of Liquid Temp. Standard Temp (0 to 70 ?C) Extended Temp (-30 to 160?C)" add suffix "H" Built-in Data Logger Optional PC Down Load Utility for Logged Data and USB interface

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